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Exclusive 6-in-1 shaver kit

Exclusive 6-in-1 shaver kit

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Mr. Beard's exclusive 6-in-1 shaver kit is the most effective grooming kit on the market. It is compact, easy to use and safe. Your ALL IN ONE exclusive grooming kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to shave your head and face!

This includes:

  • Beard trimmer
  • Shaver
  • Nose hair trimmer
  • Facial cleansing brush
  • Facial massage brush
  • Cleaning brush for shaver
  • Protection for shaving head
  • USB charging cable


*Order today with 50% discount and get exclusive 6-in-1 shaver kit with 3 additional trimmer combs (3/5/7mm) FREE* 


An exclusive design with the absolute best material to offer ergonomic comfort during shaving. The innovative ergonomic handle provides an easy grip and fits your hand perfectly to ensure comfortable and maximized shaving of your head and face.


Mr. Beard's exclusive 6-in-1 shaver is equipped with a powerful integrated lithium-ion battery that enables fast charging and 90 minutes of cordless use. This gives you the freedom to shave wherever and whenever it suits you. This also makes the shaver a must-have for travelers who often need a quick shave on the go.


A smart travel lock to prevent the shaver from turning on when in your luggage. Know exactly when your shaver needs to be charged. The integrated LED-illuminated LCD display clearly shows the battery level in percentage to make the daily use of your shaver even more practical. The shaver's performance remains steadily strong until it is completely discharged.


Mr. Beard's exclusive 6-in-1 shaver uses IPX6 technology and is waterproof, giving you the freedom and convenience of shaving in the shower, as well as being able to easily rinse your shaver under running water. It  is also perfectly suited for dry shaving and offers high quality shaving with exceptional results. 


What is the difference between Mr. Beard's exclusive 6-in-1 shaver and other electric shavers?

Our blades are made from the best material to ensure flawless results. The shaving head is rotating, flexible enough to shave those hard-to-reach areas. It is difficult to find such good features in other shavers. 

Rakgel or crab oil? Which is more recommended for a wet shave?

We recommend shaving gel over shaving oil because it can get inside the razor blades, but you can shave without any shaving foam.

Is the shaver suitable for women?

yes! In Mr. Beard's exclusive 6-in-1 shaver is designed for unisex use and can be used by both men and women.

How do I get the best results with the shaver?

For best results, we recommend that you trim the hair down before use to between 1-3 mm in the area to be shaved. The shaver is most effective when the hair is trimmed short.   

How long does it take for a full battery charge?

It takes about one to two hours to get it fully charged.

How to use the Travel Lock feature?

To activate the lock, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. The travel lock is activated and a lock icon appears on the top of the shaver. If you press the power button while the travel lock is activated, the lock icon will flash and the shaver will not turn on. To disable the travel lock, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. The lock will be deactivated and the shaver will turn on.

Can I shave my chest or other body parts with the shaver?

Yes. You can easily shave your face, head and body.

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